What is the difference between Headache Balm and Temple Balm?

What is the difference between Headache Balm and Temple Balm?

So what's the difference between Headache Balm and Temple Balm?

Our Reviews indicate they are just as effective as each other.

Headache Balm is the original with Lavender & Peppermint. It has many uses, including being beneficial for symptoms of insomnia, snoring, stress and anxiety, great for hangovers & brilliant for "computer eyes" - just take a teeeny weeeeeeny dot on the end of your finger and gently dab under you eye and above the cheekbones. If you have aches and pains you can also use this to rub on the affected area - although I would suggest purchasing the larger pot or the Bath & Massage Oil

Temple Balm was created as it became apparent when Headache Balm went viral, that there were people who wanted something like Headache Balm but have an aversion to Lavender. So, with Rosemary and Peppermint we created Temple Balm. It is just as effective for Headaches but have also has other properties like being good for memory, focus and great for sinus issues, chesty coughs and colds.

If you have super sensitive skin select the roll ons.


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